7:00 pm19:00

Michael McLane & Andy Hoffman

  • Salt Lake City Main Library

Michael McLane was born and raised in Salt Lake City, where he currently lives with a beautiful bellydancer, three cats, a snake, and an iguana. McLane has worked as an archivist, topographer, teacher, and rare books seller, among other things. He is a minister, loves Western history, has a permanent 5 o’clock shadow and once sold a copy of Thomas Paine’s Common Sense to Tom Brokaw. He holds a BAs in English and Anthropology from the University of Utah and an MFA in Creative Writing from Colorado State University.

Andy Hoffman is a writer, teacher, and publisher. He currently edits and publishes Elik Press in Salt Lake City and teaches at the University of Utah’s Honors College. He loves the landscape, characters, and his life.